2R for partners

Publishers - extend the editorial content of the information that will not fit on paper, create a multimedia print

Direct commercial advertisers - get a unique way of presenting their products and services

Agencies - offer your clients advertising, which you not only remember, but will talk about it to their friends

Third sector - education, tourism, culture, museums - opens a new form of interactive access to information and experience

2R content

Online content - editable directly via our online content management system. Online streaming or downloaded video, image and text rebounds each static visuals. Function keys (call, send SMS, send e-mail, opening web link to social media) will again provide immediate interactivity with customers.

Offline content - as part of the application. 3D models of products, special animations or 3D games immerse the customer of the action and give it as a virtual unforgettable experience.


Online Editor - Create your own unique campaign, it's that simple:

1. select and insert into the visual editor
2. place the visual interactive elements
3. bring the volume to individual elements, or connect with social media

Online statistics are provided for each of visuals and content.
Join the most famous brands and media that are using 2R online editor.

Mobile Application - Scan images marked with 2R and enter the virtual world, which will open directly on your phone. See how magazines come to life, communicate and shop online, have fun in the new 3D world and share your experiences on social networks.